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 From Clients

I participated in Melissa’s eight week coaching program, Curiosity To Purpose & Passion. I received so much from this program.  I learned how to value who I am and to see how much I was missing out on in life because I was afraid to be my authentic self. Now I know it is okay to be me, even if it doesn't please everyone else.  My experience was wonderful.  Before this program I did not think that I could come out of my comfort zone, but I did! And for that, I am forever grateful to Melissa.


Sandra Cummings

San Diego, California

I have always known that I was capable of so much more, but with Melissa’s coaching, I can confidently say, I know that I will achieve all that I want to attain in my life. With the tools she has given me, I will truly make every moment count. Melissa has taught me that it is okay to focus on myself, and to not feel guilty about it. I have learned to be more confident in my ability to achieve my goals and I have strengthen my belief. I now know that everything that I desire is at the tips of my fingers. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for everything that Melissa has done for me. 


Stephanie Garcia

Perris, California

My name is Ashleigh Rogers and my life coach, Melissa Smith, worked with me to help me discover ways to make better decisions for myself that would keep me from getting into trouble with my parents. I started working with Ms. Melissa when I was a junior in high school, and now I am entering into my sophomore year of college. I can remember how at first, I didn't think I was capable of being a better person when I worked with Ms. Melissa. I thought it was beyond my ability to live up to the expectations in terms of being able to be a better person in my life.  I did not think I could accomplish the goals that Ms. Melissa and I had created to help me grow. Today I can confidently say that the things that I have gained from Ms. Melissa’s coaching has helped me to become a better person over the past years. 

What I appreciated the most about working with Ms. Melissa was her ability to  help me find myself, and that she is kind hearted. She understood me and showed me how to keep being happy. She helped me learn how to believe in and be true to myself, and expect the best for myself in the future. 


Ashleigh Rogers

Chula Vista, California

It was a unique experience to work with Melissa because she is my co-worker, but what transpired between us was a beautiful relationship that strengthened my sense of belonging in the workplace. Melissa has a wonderful way of listening and pulling information and thoughts from a client’s words and serving them up as something to be reflected upon. She has such an ability to read and connect with others that she knows what to dig for and discuss in order to help you break through many of your mental plateaus. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her and make life-long changes in my perspective and attitude towards so many areas of my life in even just a short amount of time.

Melanie Thomas

San Diego, California

Melissa helped me see various options and paths in life that I could take regarding my career and living the life that I wanted to live. Melissa provided me the tools I needed to assess my situation and focus on where I wanted to be. She helped me realize my true potential and that I could overcome the biggest obstacles and get out of my own way while achieving my goals. I highly recommend Melissa’s coaching for what ever goal you are wanting to achieve in your life.


Cynthia Nieto 

Las Vegas, Nevada

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